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class acoular.environments.SlotJet

Bases: acoular.environments.FlowField

Provides an analytical approximation of the flow field of a slot jet, see Albertson et al., 1950.

v0 = Float(0.0, …

Exit velocity at jet origin, i.e. the nozzle. Defaults to 0.

origin = CArray( dtype=float64, shape=(3, ), value=array((0., 0., 0.)), …

Location of a point at the slot center line, defaults to the co-ordinate origin.

flow = CArray( dtype=float64, shape=(3, ), value=array((1., 0., 0.)), …

Unit flow direction of the slot jet, defaults to (1,0,0).

plane = CArray( dtype=float64, shape=(3, ), value=array((0., 1., 0.)), …

Unit vector parallel to slot center plane, defaults to (0,1,0).

B = Float(0.2, …

Width of the slot, defaults to 0.2 .


Provides the flow field as a function of the location. This is implemented here only for the component in the direction of flow; entrainment components are set to zero.

xxarray of floats of shape (3, )

Location in the fluid for which to provide the data.

tuple with two elements

The first element in the tuple is the velocity vector and the second is the Jacobian of the velocity vector field, both at the given location.

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