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class acoular.environments.UniformFlowEnvironment

Bases: acoular.environments.Environment

An acoustic environment with uniform flow.

This class provides the facilities to calculate the travel time (distances) between grid point locations and microphone locations in a uniform flow field.

ma = Float(0.0, desc="flow mach number")

The Mach number, defaults to 0.

fdv = CArray( dtype=float64, shape=(3, ), value=array((1.0, 0, 0)), desc="flow direction")

The unit vector that gives the direction of the flow, defaults to flow in x-direction.

r(c, gpos, mpos=0.0)

Calculates the virtual distances between grid point locations and microphone locations or the origin. These virtual distances correspond to travel times of the sound.


c : float

The speed of sound to use for the calculation.

gpos : array of floats of shape (3, N)

The locations of points in the beamforming map grid in 3D cartesian co-ordinates.

mpos : array of floats of shape (3, M), optional

The locations of microphones in 3D cartesian co-ordinates. If not given, then only one microphone at the origin (0, 0, 0) is considered.


array of floats

The distances in a twodimensional (N, M) array of floats. If M==1, then only a one-dimensional array is returned.

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