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acoular.fbeamform.integrate(data, grid, sector)

Integrates a sound pressure map over a given sector.

This function can be applied on beamforming results to quantitatively analyze the sound pressure in a given sector. If used with Beamformer.result(), the output is identical to the result of the intrinsic Beamformer.integrate method. It can, however, also be used with the Beamformer.synthetic output.

data: array of floats

Contains the calculated sound pressures in Pa. If data has the same number of entries than the number of grid points only one value is returned. In case of a 2-D array with the second dimension identical to the number of grid points an array containing as many entries as the first dimension is returned.

grid: Grid object

Object of a Grid-derived class that provides the grid locations.

sector: array of floats

Tuple with arguments for the indices method of a Grid-derived class (e.g. RectGrid.indices or RectGrid3D.indices). Possible sectors would be array([xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax]) or array([x, y, radius]).

array of floats

The spectrum (all calculated frequency bands) for the integrated sector.

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