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class acoular.microphones.MicGeom

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasPrivateTraits

Provides the geometric arrangement of microphones in the array.

The geometric arrangement of microphones is read in from an xml-source with element tag names pos and attributes Name, x, y and z. Can also be used with programmatically generated arrangements.

from_file = File(filter=['*.xml'], …

Name of the .xml-file from wich to read the data.

validate_file = Bool(True, …

Validate mic geom from file

basename = Property( depends_on = 'from_file', …

Basename of the .xml-file, without the extension; is set automatically / readonly.

invalid_channels = ListInt( …

List that gives the indices of channels that should not be considered. Defaults to a blank list.

num_mics = Property( depends_on = ['mpos', ], …

Number of microphones in the array; readonly.

center = Property( depends_on = ['mpos', ], …

Center of the array (arithmetic mean of all used array positions); readonly.

mpos_tot = CArray(dtype=float, …

Positions as (3, num_mics) array of floats, may include also invalid microphones (if any). Set either automatically on change of the from_file argument or explicitely by assigning an array of floats.

mpos = Property( depends_on = ['mpos_tot', 'invalid_channels'], …

Positions as (3, num_mics) array of floats, without invalid microphones; readonly.


Import the microphone positions from .xml file. Called when basename changes.

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