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class acoular.signals.SignalGenerator

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasPrivateTraits

Virtual base class for a simple one-channel signal generator.

Defines the common interface for all SignalGenerator classes. This class may be used as a base for specialized SignalGenerator implementations. It should not be used directly as it contains no real functionality.

rms = Float(1.0, desc="rms amplitude")

RMS amplitude of source signal (for point source: in 1 m distance).

sample_freq = Float(1.0, desc="sampling frequency")

Sampling frequency of the signal.

numsamples = Long

Number of samples to generate.


Deliver the signal.


Delivers the signal resampled with a multiple of the sampling freq.

Uses fourier transform method for resampling (from scipy.signal).

factor : integer

The factor defines how many times the new sampling frequency is larger than sample_freq.

array of floats

The resulting signal of length factor * numsamples.

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