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class acoular.tbeamform.BeamformerTimeSq

Bases: acoular.tbeamform.BeamformerTime

Provides a time domain beamformer with time-dependend power signal output and possible autopower removal for a spatially fixed grid.

r_diag = Bool(True, …

Boolean flag, if ‘True’ (default), the main diagonal is removed before beamforming.


Python generator that yields the squared beamformer output with optional removal of autocorrelation block-wise.

numinteger, defaults to 2048

This parameter defines the size of the blocks to be yielded (i.e. the number of samples per block) .

Samples in blocks of shape (num, numchannels).

numchannels is usually very large (number of grid points). The last block may be shorter than num.

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