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class acoular.configuration.Config

Bases: traits.has_traits.HasStrictTraits

This class implements the global configuration of the Acoular package.

An instance of this class can be accessed for adjustment of the following properties. General caching behaviour can be controlled by global_caching. The package used to read and write .h5 files can be specified by h5library.


For using Acoular with h5py package and overwrite existing cache:

>>>    import acoular
>>>    acoular.config.h5library = "h5py"
>>>    acoular.config.global_caching = "overwrite"
global_caching = Property()

Flag that globally defines caching behaviour of Acoular classes defaults to ‘individual’.

  • ‘individual’: Acoular classes handle caching behavior individually.

  • ‘all’: Acoular classes cache everything and read from cache if possible.

  • ‘none’: Acoular classes do not cache results. Cachefiles are not created.

  • ‘readonly’: Acoular classes do not actively cache, but read from cache if existing.

  • ‘overwrite’: Acoular classes replace existing cachefile content with new data.

h5library = Property()

Flag that globally defines package used to read and write .h5 files defaults to ‘pytables’. If ‘pytables’ can not be imported, ‘h5py’ is used

cache_dir = Property()

Defines the path to the directory containing Acoulars cache files. If the specified cache_dir directory does not exist, it will be created. attr:cache_dir defaults to current session path.

td_dir = Property()

Defines the working directory containing files that can be loaded by the module. Defaults to current session path.

use_traitsui = Property()

Boolean Flag that determines whether user has access to traitsui features. Defaults to False.

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