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acoular.configuration.config = <acoular.configuration.Config object>

This instance implements the global configuration of the Acoular package.

General caching behaviour can be controlled by the global_caching attribute:
  • ‘individual’: Acoular classes handle caching behavior individually.

  • ‘all’: Acoular classes cache everything and read from cache if possible.

  • ‘none’: Acoular classes do not cache results. Cachefiles are not created.

  • ‘readonly’: Acoular classes do not actively cache, but read from cache if existing.

  • ‘overwrite’: Acoular classes replace existing cachefile content with new data.

The package used to read and write .h5 files can be specified by h5library:

  • ‘pytables’: Use ‘tables’ (or ‘pytables’, depending on python distribution).

  • ‘h5py’: Use ‘h5py’.

Some Acoular classes support GUI elements for usage with tools from the TraitsUI package. If desired, this package has to be installed manually, as it is not a prerequisite for installing Acoular. To enable the functionality, the flag attribute use_traitsui has to be set to True (default: False). Note: this is independent from the GUI tools implemented in the spectAcoular package.


For using Acoular with h5py package and overwrite existing cache:

>>>    import acoular
>>>    acoular.config.h5library = "h5py"
>>>    acoular.config.global_caching = "overwrite"

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